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This page exists to invite comments. Obviously, people can comment via any of the pages and posts, but some people may wish to make comments about the blog itself rather than about a particular post. Such people are invited to comment here.


7 thoughts on “General comments

  1. miekko says:

    any more conlanging stuff upcoming soon?

  2. vacuouswastrel says:

    Hard to say. I’m a) a little busy, b) suffering from a broken computer, and c) not in the mood. However, my brain hasn’t stopped. Much of my conlanging work has gone toward trying to work out diachronics for Rawang Ata again… but that seems impossible. I just can’t get things right. And now, having read a bit more, I’m going to revise the deictic system again – which is the only thing I’ve actually got working.

    I think I don’t make conlangs – I just conlang…

    [I’ve got some ideas for other languages, but I’m trying to not move on until I’m happy here – I used to flit from language to language, and by the time I came back to one I’d forgotten what my notes meant.] [[This is one reason why I keep re-doing Chiba – every time I come back to it, I redo the diachronics, partly because I always write down sound changes, and then change them while I’m actually deriving words, fiddling to get them just right – but don’t bother writing them down. At the time, it’s fine, because I remember them… but I return a few months later and don’t know what I did.]

    P.S. will respond to your e-mail…

  3. Irina says:

    You have a link to “Andal and Valdyas” but the only connection they have is that their creators (Boudewijn and I) happen to be a married couple. They’re not in the same universe! If you want to link to both of us: the page you link to is all right for Andal thought is more reliable and more likely to stay in existence for the next X years; and for Valdyas, points directly there. Thanks!

  4. vacuouswastrel says:

    Honoured to have you comment here! While I can’t claim to have ever been a diligent fan of yours, I remember that Andal and Valdyas were two of the most impressive and inspirational conworlds on the net when I was getting into this (hence the link).

    Sorry if I seemed to conflate the two. I confess that I tend to think of them as linked, not only because the two of you are married, but because if I’m looking for either I can find either and then navigate easily to the other: they may be in different in-world universes, but they’re very much in the same on-line universe!

    That said, I do quite take your point. In fact, the whole of my link-section (as with any conworlding link section, it seems) is all totally out-of-date and requires re-doing. So, I’ll put your links for the two worlds up when I get round to updating all the links, which shouldn’t be too long…

  5. Radius says:

    You are missed. Please stop by when you can.

  6. peterbound says:

    Why did you get banned from westeros?

  7. Well, my version would be:
    – there was an argument in a Literature thread about something or other
    – a moderator disagreed with me and edited my post
    – I complained
    – the moderator further edited and deleted my posts, and it was explained to me that complaining about the moderators was against the rules
    – I suggested that it should be against the rules to complain about the moderators
    – I got banned from posting on any of the forums
    – I complained about this on my profile page
    – I got banned entirely

    Somewhere in there I probably made things worse, by vociferously and lengthily complaining via PM, saying that the system was tyrannical and absurd – although I don’t think I stepped over the line into what I would consider personal attack, and I don’t think I used any abusive language or anything. But I concede that I was pissed off, and I do tend toward the demonstrative when pissed off. But I don’t know what exactly they took exception to, since they just banned me rather than discussing it with me. I e-mailed Ran, and very eventually he got back to me, but I don’t think he said anything substantive. I offered to abide by restrictive rules if they let me back in – post only in Literature, post only once a week, avoid specified topics, whatever – but they never replied.

    Well, what the hell, one less way to waste time.

    Anyway, no doubt if you asked them they’d give you a different account. But that’s how I remember it having transpired from my perspective.

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