General Housekeeping

To begin, I hope any readers who might exist will excuse the inevitable clumsiness and clunkiness of this blog.  I’ve never had one before, and have no notion how to deal with these newfangled electric inventions.


The purposes of this blog will be:

– to mutter to myself about issues in politics, philosophy and the arts, putting forward my opinions, or at times only experimental musings, on matters;

– to present my works in my own art/vice, mythopoeia – the creation of fictional worlds, peoples, institutions, languages, religions and so forth;

– to respond to current affairs, usually in a despairing or ironic tone;

– to very occassionally scream angrily and/or gloat smugly, in reaction to events in my own life.

I will not be talking about events in my own life, partly because I have no life, and partly because I wouldn’t tell you about it if I did. Sorry.  I may occassionally wallow in angsty and non-specific self-analysis, another vice of mine, for which I apologise in advance.


If anybody cares, and for reference purposes, I am male, English, middle-middle to upper-middle class, non-religious and raised Catholic.


You may notice I tend to claim a lot of things as true. These should be read as things I have some evidence to believe are not entirely untrue.  In some cases I will make claims beyond my knowledge without remarking on the fact, and in these cases I welcome correction and have no mind to offend; in other cases I will make claims that are improperly or contentiously simplified, either to provoke thoughts or to save time and space. This odious defect of style should be anticipated continually and not objected to in the specific cases.

In short, if I say something that is false or distortive, do not be surprised, and do not take it as an attempt to deceive. I will say those things I believe true to the best of my knowledge, or those things where I believe the deviation from exact truth is either undamaging or usefully provocative in the context of the thought process at hand, and make no claim to absolute truth except where specifically noted. The purpose of this blog is to allow me to think and to provoke thinking in myself and any of you poor fools demented enough to read it – not to serve as an encyclopaedia or authority, or as a witness in a court of law.


As regards anybody reading this: welcome. I hope you find it interesting. If you don’t, I’m sure you’ll find something else that’s better. If you do, feel free to comment on what I say – agree, disagree, whatever.

In particular,  feel free to comment on any post in the archives, not only themost recent. While it is true that some posts may be out of date (no longer reflect my opinions, or in the case of mythopoeia have been superseded by later reconsiderations), I would welcome your views on any of them.

If you do comment, and I don’t know you from elsewhere, do consider giving (or linking to) a brief synopsis of who you are, at least as much as I have given here – otherwise you will have the advantage of me. At the least it will stop me wracking my brains to think where I know you from. I shan’t mind if you don’t, of course, particularly if you’re only responding quickly to something, or only to one thing. But if anyone does decide to hang around, it might be nice.

Not that any of you hypothetical people will exist, of course.


Finally, if you don’t like the theme, sorry. I don’t either. Or rather, I think it looks nice, but it’s too gaudy for my tastes, I think. Nonetheless, I think it’s the most appropriate in all other ways, so the gaudiness will have to stay. I’ll probably like it eventually.



I think that deals with all that needs to be dealt with at this stage… now to think of something to write.

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