Nothing of importance to say -just to comment on my strangely good day of writing my novel. Around 2,300 words today, and hopefully more to come (taking time out for food at the moment). Whereas most days recently I’ve been struggling to make myself write a couple of hundred.

I think the main change is that I’m on to a chapter where nothing happens – it’s just a conversation. I like these chapters. Don’t get me wrong – I can’t do dialogue. It’s just I’m worse at writing action. And here I can feel free to just let the conversation go as it ought to, instead of having to keep hauling myself in saying ‘no, she’s got to shut up now, some action has to happen’.

I don’t know if these chapters will be better to read – hopefully they’ll not be too bad, as the conversation does move the plot along and raise some (I think) interesting questions and possibilities to be resolved later – but they’re infinitely easier to write.

Anyway, just got to finish up this chapter and write one more and I’ve completed my Part Two. Alas, Part Three will be about as long as Part One and Part Two put together, if not longer. And then I’ve got Part Four and Part Five to do. So one more chapter and I’ll hopefully be about a third of the way through. Except that none of its very good, and it’ll all have to be rewritten at some point even to meet my own mediocre standards. But I’m planning to put that off for a while, or else I’ll never get anywhere with this…

EDIT: c. 4,300! Overall, one of the most productive days I’ve had while working on this novel. Yes, said chapter is now extremely long, and even though it is a fairly important chapter I think the current version is going to have to be cut down. And I’ve no idea how to do that. But still. Productive is good.


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