Well, ‘oh, good’, at any rate. Finished Part Two of my novel. This should put be about a third of the way through. The easy third, unfortunately. And I’ll need to massively rewrite that third at some point, too.  And I’ll have to seriously think about how to organise the next third before I can do any more writing.

Still, feels good to have reached such an arbitrary mark in my progress with an irrelevent flight of fancy.


8 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. Miekko says:

    Cool! So, what’s your impression this far of it? Will it be of publishable quality (even tho’ the likelihood of actually being published is low?) or at least such quality that could be reworked into publishable quality?

  2. vacuouswastrel says:

    I’ve no idea, really – I’m an appalling judge of my own work. One day I read it and I think it’s excellent; the next, I read the same words and think it’s painfully appalling. You’d probably have a better idea than I do, even though you’ve only read part of what I’ve written.
    Fortunately, I don’t have to worry too much about quality this time round – my objective is just to finish the damn thing, which will be an improvement on previous writing attempts.

    sorry I haven’t replied to your e-mail, by the way, and I’ll not have the internet for the weekend either. Probably reply next week, though.

  3. Corumayas says:

    Arrgh! I’m sorry I haven’t responded to your second batch of chapters. I read most of it and then forgot about it for a month… If it’ll still help you, I’ll see if I can make time to renew its acquaintance and write some comments in the next couple of days.

  4. vacuouswastrel says:

    Oh, don’t worry – that’s the least of my problems with it (currently struggling trying to structure the next section optimally). But certainly any feedback is always helpful – as I say, I do intend to edit/rewrite those chapters, so opinions on them will help out when I come to doing that.

  5. miekko says:

    i wouldn’t mind reading some more of your stuff if you’re ready to share

    also, … I would appreciate to hear your thoughts on my predicament, also because I sort of want to update the information at some point soon. Sorry to be nagging, and I appreciate that this issue, in the grand scheme of things, is not really, ultimately, of any great importance, but even so, … so yeah, would like that mail soon?

  6. vacuouswastrel says:

    Yeah, endless apologies. I get very easily distracted, I’m afraid.

    As for reading stuff – I of course am always thrilled by anyone reading anything I’ve written. Although in this case I’d like to finish the current chapter first, and then go and edit the last couple a little, if only for the egregious inconsistencies.

  7. Corumayas says:

    Ok, then I won’t feel bad that I didn’t get to it, and won’t for at least another week. I did enjoy the part that I read, though.

  8. vacuouswastrel says:

    Update: getting frustrated with how annoying this next chapter is. I hate having to write chapters where multiple things happen – I never feel the cuts between scenes work well, they always feel hurried, and they make the chapters feel unbalanced.

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