A Morsel of Chiba – Index

On and off, I play with a little romlang of mine called Chiba. It’s gone through endless revisions, but I think they’re beginning to reach stability. I’m probably happier with this version that I’ve been with any in a long while. Hence, I thought I’d write something up about it.

Here are some introductory posts about Chiba:


Noun Declension

Verb Conjugation, I

Verb Conjugation, II

Verb Syntax, I

Verb Syntax, II

There’ll hopefully be more to follow eventually, but that’s all for now. And how good it feels to dump all that onto the blog…

Anyway, all feedback welcome. Plausible? Implausible? Incomprehensible? Conventional? Original? Any questions or comments welcome.

4 thoughts on “A Morsel of Chiba – Index

  1. nac says:

    More on Rawang Ata, please. It’s fans may be invisible, but we’re not non-existent.

  2. vacuouswastrel says:

    *looks startled*

    Er…. hello invisible person?

    There will be more on Rawang Ata… at some point. Recently, what little I’ve done on RA has been deriving vocabulary through a couple of millennia… which is very frustrating and doesn’t really produce many visible results (I’ve a couple of hundred words in the form they probably had a couple of thousand years ago).

    But I’m touched by the interest, and don’t worry, I’m not abandoning the project.

  3. nac says:

    You know, the name Chiba and the orthography put me off for some reason the first time I saw it, but having gone through the whole thing, this is actually pretty awesome. Better, it’s awesome in a really weird way!

  4. vacuouswastrel says:

    Thank you!

    Chiba is a continually evolving project (like all my projects; but more so!), so feedback is very helpful. Which bits did you think were awesome, may I ask (or less than awesome), so that I’ve another point of view on which bits to change or keep the same?

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