This blog has been around for more than a year. Haven’t done very well with it, have I?

The reviewing part of it has gone well – it’s encouraged me not only to read/reread things, but also to think about them more critically.

Unfortunately, the musing/philosophy side of it has gone… not so well. I’ve been thinking about things, but not normally when sat in front of a computer… and not normally in a coherent way.

Ah well.

Hopefully this time next year… well, lots of things will be different by then. Some for the good, some for the worst, some… I don’t know yet. It’ll be interesting.


2 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. miekko says:

    the reviews have been good, and I’ve found some pretty good books through your recommendations; I’ve also reread one because of your reviews.

    needs more other stuff though, yeah.

  2. miekko says:

    oh, btw, one thing I wouldn’t mind more of at all is the conlanging.

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