I aintn’t dead.

I’ve written part of an essay/rant about self/other dichotomies, the politics of appropriation and reverse discrimination and whatnot, but I don’t know if I’ll finish it, because it annoys me, and because it’ll just make everyone hate me.

I’ve written most of a review, but I want to wait to finish the book first. Don’t know if I will. I’ve got another book to get through, but it’s very short. I’ve written a few reviews of some more Lovecraft stories but I want to get more to collect them.

I’ve written a lot of a sort of “History of the (Near) Future” for a setting of mine, which has taken a lot of research. And I don’t want to show any of it until I have all of it, because it’s requiring a lot of cross-editing.

I’ve also done some language work. I’ve been playing with new diachronics for Chiba, and I’ve started a series of lessons for Rawang Ata, which might be a more accessible way to display it. Don’t know whether either of those will come to fruition or not.

There’s a lot of writing and thinking that goes on behind silence, you know.

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