A Course in Rawàng Ata: 1.E



On the basis of the information in the first four lessons, read the following Rawàng Ata sentences, and attempt to deduce what they say (affixes have been shown with hyphens for clarity, while reduplications are shown with ‘=’):

–          wō-ma kòma ku-taka

–          wō-ma kòma amor-taka

–          lutà sa-taka uj=ùjmang-ma

–          lutà ra-taka ùjmang-ma

–          runta-ònga-ma lutà dùr-taka

–          lutà ra-taka ta=ta=taita-ma

–          bolaj-ma kòma ku-tumanya [NB. sandhi: y+m=jm]

–          kòma ku-tumanya



Next, try to translate these English sentences into Rawàng Ata (remembering that some translations may not be entirely literal):

–          the sailor polishes the cooking pot

–          as for the cooking pot, the sailor polishes it

–          the cooking pot hits the floor

–          regarding the turtle, the young woman eats it

–          the young woman strikes the testicles

–          the turtle eats [it]

–          the turtle eats

–          as for this particular single turtle, the young woman polishes it

–          the woman eats an ocean of turtles

–          the young woman turns the cooking pot over in her hands


Answers on postcards…


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