Seems I’ve ended up not posting for a month. Whoops. Impressed that anyone’s still visiting…

If you’re wondering what’s happened to the Rawàng Ata course… I’ve hit a snag. Specifically, that I’ve never been completely happy with the phonology of the language, so I’m having another look at it. And that means diachronics too, so it’s not a quick process. Especially as I’ve got bored of it. Hopefully the language will be better for it in the long run, however.

There’s a few other things I might put up soon, though, on other subjects. Unfortunately, the way I work is that I’ve got half a dozen projects at a time, and none of them ever get finished…


One thought on “Update

  1. nac says:

    Unfortunately for you, I’m still around.

    dun dun dun

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