Not dead, just net-dead

I have no internet connection – hence, no posting. I will get an internet connection. I may or may not then start posting again. I’m hoping for may, but I’ve said that before…

Happy New Year!

What the title says.

I’m not into resolutions, but I hope in the following year to read more, write more, and get paid more. I could probably do with losing some weight, too*.

Could update this blog more as well, I guess.

Appreciation to visitors. Somehow, last month managed to be my second-most viewed month ever, and not far behind first, which surprised me, given that my record month was based on massive visitation from quite a large forum.

Terrible place to stop this post, I guess, but I don’t have anything else to say.




*I’m at that annoying “only a little overweight so it’s hard to lose any more and there’s no immediate need to, except that it means that if I do put on more weight I really will be noticeably overweight”. As I do tend to fluctuate in weight quite a bit, I’d rather fluctuate between “healthy weight” and “a little too heavy”, rather than between “a little too heavy” and “noticeably paunchy”. It’s never been a major issue for me, but I think maybe I should try harder this year to lose some weight. The fact I’m from a family prone to largess – several of my relatives are probably twice my size – is a hindrance to weight-loss both socially and probably genetically, but also a bit of an incentive to avoid their fate. Plus I’m at an age in life where I’m expected to put on some weight in the next five or ten years, and it would help if I lost some now to make room for it, so to speak.

Anyway, that was rather tangential.

[BMI ~25-26, iirc. Although after a family christmas, I don’t dare work it out.]