How Odd

… I am currently reading two different books in which a major character is called “Torg”.

This seems improbable.


6 thoughts on “How Odd

  1. Hans says:

    What’s the other one?

  2. Robin Hobb’s “Ship of Magic”, first volume of The Liveship Traders. Actually, I’ve finished it now – review forthcoming. He’s not a first-tier character, but he’s pretty prominent throughout the novel. He’s not very like the other Torg. At all.

  3. miekko says:

    You too read several books simultaneously? I’ve always considered it a bad habit, but keep indulging in it.

  4. PapushiSun says:

    I suspect it’s easier when one’s a comic book (or a collection of webcomics in this case) and the other’s a novel. I often read a fiction and non-fiction book simultaneously.

  5. To some extent, although the names are so distinctive that it’s still a bit weird reading the two together. Mostly I just thought it a bizarre coincidence.

    [Thanks for redditing my earlier post, by the way, whoever you are. More viewers don’t actually make any concrete difference to me, particularly since hardly ever of them ever comment, but it does stoke my vanity.]

    Miek: I don’t normally do it, no. In this case one was a webcomic collection and the other was an actual book. I was (and still am) also theoretically still reading a book that I’m 20 pages away from finishing but can’t force myself to pick up, a short story collection that I haven’t opened in a year, and a history of art, which I might finish reading if I knew where it was. Besides, I’ve reached the rennaissance now, aka the bit where everything goes downhill.

  6. PapushiSun says:

    You’re welcome. You should check out the comments Redditors left:

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