Good news, everybody!

Well, ‘good’ is a matter of perspective, I guess. But from my point of view it’s great news: Ursula Vernon has won a Hugo Award for her excellent (funny, beautiful) webcomic, Digger.

I don’t know when I first started following Vernon’s work, although I know it began when somebody told me about her (brief, incomplete) earlier webcomic, Irrational Fears. At first, I just checked her new art every now and then; later, I discovered her blog, which is a constant source of hilarity (I think she’s actually better writing about herself than writing stories, where her authorial voice seems a bit more artificial, and a big part of her success as a blogger is her authenticity, even intimacy, or at least the impression of such). I was certainly following her when she was Eisner-nominated, which I’m shocked to discover was six years ago. Anyway, I’ve been following her life and career with some interest for probably nearly a decade now, and the vicarious pleasure (at least on the professional side) has been immense: this fairly-obscure woman, who I was recommending to people for her weird paintings of gears and her peculiar hamsters and whatnot, has flourished into a succesful and award-winning children’s author (seven books already published!), and now, dear lord, has even won a Hugo Award.

Hugo Award-winning artist, Ursula Vernon.

I’m not sure whether her continually-expanding success is disheartening (what have I done with my life in that time?), or encouraging (look, success is possible!). But it’s certainly something.

Anyway, the award (and the rest of the success) is greatly deserved, and my congratulations and best wishes go out to her. Here’s to one day the people who become her fans now that she’s won a Hugo being able to think of themselves as the ones who knew her before she reached the peak of her career…


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