Brief unforgiveable moment of self-indulgence…

So anyway, I just had a look at the stats for this blog, and two things sprange out at me:

First, once upon a time I set my eyes on an Arbitrary Hit Count Level that my blog occasionally got near and very occasionally surpassed, and thought of anything beyond that level as a month when a lot of people were visiting my blog. I think I surpassed that level maybe four or five months in maybe four years. Anyway, I see now that I’ve now been above that level every month for 12 months. So yay. [Not telling you what the Arbitrary Level is, because it’s still embarrassingly small, but still…]

Second, last month I both passed 150% of that Arbitrary Level and in the process had the highest view count I’ve had in a ‘normal’ month. It’s only the second-highest viewcount ever, but the other month was a freak spike – I can’t remember what I posted that month, or who linked to me, but it was clearly exceptional. Whereas I didn’t really do much last month. So yay.

Also up to… a respectable number… of followers. Yay again and thank you!

I’m aware that most of the increase in viewers comes from my Discworld reviews, and will eventually fade away, but even so it’s nice, not so much even that people are interested in the blog (though that’s nice of course) but that the blog’s doing well and getting more views over time. Given that I don’t really advertise it that much, and that updates are infrequent and often not about things that interest people, I never took it for granted that that would happen…

So (self-indulgent, vain, narcissistic, irritating, somewhat guilty) yay.


4 thoughts on “Brief unforgiveable moment of self-indulgence…

  1. Jay Dee says:

    I get a significant number of views for my Macbeth review. I find it kind of strange. On another blog, I get many of my views for a photo of a yellow and green bush. No idea why it’s so popular.

  2. Nathan says:

    I have no idea how your Discworld reread goes, but almost weekly someone starts at the first review and goes through the entire list, even when I haven’t posted one for a while.

    Whatever your stat line is, I am more impressed by four years of blogging. I sometimes wonder how long I will keep the energy, and can only hope to follow in your footsteps.

  3. Ha! The key in my case has been blogging infrequently. I’ve been trying to post something relatively often in recent times, but for a long while I was posting pretty sporadically, in bursts here and there, and I still post far less frequently than you (or most bloggers) do. Burnout is harder when you’re only smoldering…

    On the Discworld re-read: yup. The individual reviews don’t seem to have had huge numbers of views, but they all get looked at periodically when somebody new stumbles across me. Clearly, if I cared particularly about view counts, the key is series reviews – people check them out en masse. Have you thought of supplementing your Pratchett reread with a readthrough of the complete Wheel of Time, perhaps?

    In other news, the one stat that hadn’t been broken recently was the daily page count, which was set at a figure about four times higher than my usual daily high point. But now it appears somebody has linked to me on reddit, making my wordpress monthly views chart oddly reminiscent of the global carbon emissions ‘hockey stick’ chart in shape… always slightly scary when things like that happen, like when you’re paddling on a secluded beach and a giant shark looms out of the water, reminding you that your seemingly vast little bay is in fact an inconsequential part of somethign unfathomably vast and interconnected…

  4. Jay: yeah, same here. My reviews of The God of Small Things and Not After Midnight have each had about three times as many views as any other single review on my site. I can sort of understand the former (it’s probably on a lot of class reading assignments), but I’ve no idea about the latter!

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