Reading List Revamped…

…so I’ve finally gotten around to revamping my old posts on a fan poll I did years back that aimed to produce a recommended reading list for the SF&F genre.

The page is up over here.

2 thoughts on “Reading List Revamped…

  1. Nathan says:

    I have a goodreads friend (who also lives in my state, so perhaps I could call her a real friend as well?) who is reading through the list as posted, in order, on the Westeros site. Mostly she is cussing out the forumers of the time for their horrible tastes. It is entertaining at times.

  2. Ha! Well, that is always the problem with letting people vote on things…
    But actually, I think it’s a pretty good list, and a list of mostly pretty good books – I’d struggle to find one that really didn’t deserve to be there (going on reputation at least, there’re plenty I still haven’t read myself). They’re there for different reasons, of course – you’ve got the populist novels like Wheel of Time, you’ve got the critical darlings like the Priest and the Saramago, and you’ve got what you might call the ‘significant’, historically influential books like the Clarke and the Herbert and so on.
    One thing I like about the list is that it’s probably not a list that any single person would come up with on their own – and therefore no single person is likely to entirely approve of it. Instead, it’s a compendium of views, and of tendencies within the genre, all in one place.

    But it would be fascinating if I were able to do the same thing again. I imagine a lot of books would change, but replaced by ‘equivalents’, as it were. And there are certainly some things on the lists that I don’t seem to hear mentioned very often any more – Hyperion, for instance, and The Long Price – that people were raving about back then. Or maybe they still are over at the forums, just not in the places I’m listening. I think the newer stuff is probably more vulnerable in this respect than the older stuff.

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