So, finished writing a short story!

What it’s about, I’ve no idea. And I think I already dislike it (which at least saves time).

But I’m pretty sure I’ve come to the end of it… which makes a nice change from my usual ‘start, get bored, wander off’ approach to writing.


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  1. Nathan says:

    The start, get bored, wander off approach describes all my attempts at fiction. I have grand ideas but but no actual plots. If I could just write encyclopedia entries for parts of worlds I thought of I would do much better.

  2. So go write encyclopedia entries, then! That’s what I do… (if I didn’t, I’d probably have finished more stories).

    It is actually sometimes possible for people to get these published, in guise of being ‘postmodern’, but not often. Unless you’re Borges. But then most things most people write are never published, so you may as well write them…

    The plot thing is an issue. On the one hand, short stories often don’t have enough room for (much of) a plot, so you need something else to grab the attention – I think this is why so many end up with blunt Messages instead. On the other hand, I find trying to write a novel intimidating, because there’s TOO much plot needed… (and because something too long and I’ll always get bored and wander off).

  3. Hans says:

    So, can one read this story somewhere? Or are you still talking to publishers? 🙂

  4. Ha.
    For a variety of reasons, I don’t much like putting stuff I write online – not wanting it stolen, not necessarily wanting everybody to see it, not wanting it to end up online embarassing me forever, and to some degree also just in case I want to publish something sometime. I’m aware I probably will never get anything published anyway, but… it would be galling if I were almost able to but prior publication got in the way. Same way that if everybody in your office chips in to buy a lottery ticket, you should too – not because you’ll win, not even because you might win, but because if a miracle happens and THEY all win and you don’t you’ll never be able to cope with the regret….

    If you’re really interested, I could e-mail you a copy if you want. Not expecting anything from you, though, and it’s fine if that was only a hypothetical question. I’d probably want to check over it first anyway (and hopefully not screw it all into a metaphorical ball of paper and set fire to it).
    I should probably say, though, in case you do want to read it, it’s probably even less a conventional story than the last one you so kindly gave me some feedback on, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high for it…

  5. Hans says:

    Thanks for sending it to me, read it and sent you my feedback.

  6. katie1421 says:

    That’s awesome! I’ve just starting trying to write short stories as well. You’re spot on in pointing out the plot problem, particularly in fantasy or sci-fi stories. Almost all the world building has to be through implication, since there’s really not room for much else.

    Congrats on writing one, though! That’s awesome.

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