Well, first off: what a terrible year for my reading habits. I read the sum grand total of 9 novels this year, which is pathetic. It’s the fewest in 5 years, and while it’s felt as though I’m getting more serious about reading again, it’s the third straight year of decline in books-read – so really I’ve just been getting more serious about being annoyed at not having read more books… I don’t expect to ever go back to full book-obsessive mode, since I’ve got too much other stuff to do, but I would like to be back at one-a-fortnight-ish levels (26 novels in 2014, for instance), which I think is a respectable non-fanatic level.

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Knights of Dark Renown, by David Gemmell

British fantasy author David Gemmell is best known – like a surprising number of authors – for his debut novel, Legend. It’s the first of eleven ‘Drenai’ novels, and though the polish improved over time, there is an inescapable sense of repetition, and of diminishing returns. The characters of The King Beyond the Gate seem mirrored in those of Quest for Lost Heroes, of In the Realm of the Wolf, of Winter Warriors, and probably others I never read too.

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Making Money, by Terry Pratchett

Nearing the end now of my Complete Discworld Reread.

When I wrote my review for Going Postal, a major theme was how little was new in that novel – how it seemed in some ways like a second attempt at The Truth, with little bits taken from other installments to make it different.

Well, Making Money is basically the same as Going Postal, right down to some of the same set pieces and plot beats. It’s the same… but also not as good.

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