Still aten’t dead…

Bloody hell. I hadn’t realised quite how long it had been since I’d written on here! I didn’t even do the obligatory end-of-year “wow, I haven’t written much on here this year, have I?” post…

Well, last year was the worst for my reading in probably a decade, which was partly a problem with me (changing schedules, etc), and partly a problem with the books I tried to read, and partly watching too much TV instead.

And while I’ve done some con-langing, it’s paradoxically been a bit too advanced to be suited to one-off blog posts. Similarly, I’ve had a couple of world-building projects that never got finished, but that felt too big to be worth posting as I went along, before I’d worked out the kinks.

On the positive side, I’m hoping to have three, maybe four book reviews up in the near future. And maybe a political-commentary post, even, though I never seem to get those finished before, you know, the world has moved on…

8 thoughts on “Still aten’t dead…

  1. Menisc says:

    Good to know. Guess there’s some Dark Tower in the future then 🙂

  2. King’s Dark Tower series? Not in the near future, no, although as it happens I am writing a review of a DIFFERENT post-apocalyptic fantasy-Western from the 80’s…

  3. Menisc says:

    Ok, it was just that the world moving on is a Dark Tower quote… Looking forward to whatever you choose to review

  4. Hans says:

    Good to see you’re alive and (I hope) well!

  5. Dan says:

    Did you ever get around to reviewing Shepherd’s Crown in your Discworld reread..?

  6. I did not, no! Or, theoretically: I have not yet, no!

    I don’t know why. I think it’s partly because I had some Issues with the worldview of the previous Tiffany novel; it’s partly because I had some Issues with the writing quality of the previous non-Tiffany novel; and it’s probably partly because I’m reluctant to read the last Discworld novel, because then there won’t be any left for me to read for the first time.
    I do still theoretically intend to, though.

  7. Hey. I’m trying to start a new blog, at, and one of the main categories I’d like to have on it is called “A Few Year Back” — each article in that category will explore (at least, roughly) a single year. I’ve already written one for 1979. Since you still aten’t dead, I was wondering if you might be interested in writing one yourself. Zero pressure, of course. But if you like the idea and want to do one, please do, I would be very grateful. And feel free to take liberties if you like — it doesn’t need to strictly be a single year, it could be months, a few years, whatever.


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