Index of Other Reviews

This was never intended as ‘a review blog’, but one of the things I’ve ended up mostly using it for is to review books. I feel pretty confident in reviewing books – I think I understand them enough, and have read enough of them, to at least know how to approach them in a balanced and systematic fashion. This isn’t true of other things I could review.

But that hasn’t stopped me. I’ve gradually accumulated a series of reviews of some of the TV shows I’ve watched. These tend to be shorter than the book reviews, and I don’t try anything like as comprehensive in terms of scoring.

So far (and bear in mind that I’m not great at actually keeping these pages up to date, I’m afraid), I’ve got:

Sugar Rush (both seasons), Homeland (season 1), Joan of Arcadia (season 1), and In Treatment (seasons 1&2)

Boston Legal (season 1), Breaking Bad (seasons 1-3), How I Met Your Mother (seasons 1-7), Drop the Dead Donkey (seasons 1-2), and Ultraviolet

Page Eight, Veronica Mars (all three seasons), Angel (seasons 1-4), Farscape (seasons 1-2), Boston Legal (season 2), and Breaking Bad (season 4)

In Treatment (season 3), Six Feet Under (seasons 1-2), and Freak and Geeks (these comments a bit lengthier…)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (seasons 1, 3-5) (this is a more substantial review/criticism, and does touch on some tangential spoilers, though mostly not for main plot revelations)



There are also a handful of impressions of other things from longer ago. These are even more rambling and unstructured than my book reviews, and don’t come with explicit scoring.

I’ve waffled on a bit about some films:

This is the most coherent: a comparison of the film version of The Prestige to the book.

This ramble give a controversial ranking of some superhero films, and then gives comments on some of them to justify that ranking.

This, extremely meta, rumination begins as my immediate reaction to watching the first half of Synecdoche, N.Y., takes in some abstract and ill-formed thoughts about the perspectival nature of evaluation itself, and also includes some comparisons between the film and Six Feet Under.

I also was moved at one point to post this, a brief “review” of a lesser-known work of classical music.


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