Mythopoeic Index

My hobby is making stuff up – worldbuilding. Unfortunately, I tend not to get things written up, and when I do I don’t post them here, and when I do I don’t finish them. And then the next thing I do ends up contradicting the earlier things… aspirations aside, to be honest this is more of a process than a work-in-progress.

The stuff I have posted here can be divided into linguistic stuff and other stuff. I’m giving dates for the items because they don’t necessarily all fit together properly seen as a whole (in particular, while I see myself as pursuing a specific idea of what I want Rawàng Ata to be like, the actual details have changed over the years as I’ve thought about first this area and then that (and most of the vocabulary isn’t consistent between iterations – I’ve always been more interested in the structure than the lexicon). I’ve only included Rawàng Ata material from the autumn of 2010 onward (there are a few older posts that you can find on the blog if you really want), and most of it represents the general direction I’m headed in, but it isn’t all ‘canon’ at present. The more recent the stuff, the more likely it is to represent my current views. I’m listing the couple of articles so far from December ’14 as being part of a proposed “Rawàng Ata ’15” revision, since they’re divided from ’14 by some phonological changes that will have knock-on effects on morphology, although for the most part ’14 will remain canon mutatis mutandis.


Rawàng Ata is currently my main conlang (constructed language), and has been since at least ’08 or ’09. It’s in many ways a very strange language by European standards – its main inspirations are Austronesian, although I’ve felt free to play around rather than go for a pure Austronesian clone.

Chiba is an on-and-off toylang project of mine – a deviant form of Romance language, supposedly originating from Roman North Africa but spoken now in Sicily, although the alternative history ideas have never really been fleshed out too precisely. I’ve since been distracted by other toys, but may return to it one day (probably changing everything in the process – that’s how it goes).

Rawàng Ata ’15 – Prepositions, Tags

Rawàng Ata ’14 – Core Alignment and Agreement, Concrete and Fluid State, Substantivisation of Verbs, Politeness I, Politeness II

Rawàng Ata ’11 – Verbs and Verb Phrases, Verbal Clauses, Naming Conventions, Possessive Structures

Rawàng Ata ’10 – Introductory Course: Introduction; 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.E; 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.

Chiba ’09 – A Morsel of Chiba


Thing That Aren’t Languages

There are two settings I’ve done substantial work on. The one with the most is the setting for Rawàng Ata, but most of that was never posted here. The other is a more recent setting of mine, a SF setting. I’m also including  an AH series here.

The Fantasy Setting: Performance Arts Among the Là (I, II, III, IV) (2014), ethnic map of the Là home island (2014), a history of Là clothing (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (2009, before they were actually called the Là). Religion in Vajhoros (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9) (2009).

The SF Setting: Life on Venus in the 26th Century (2013), Colony Worlds of Earth in the 26th Century (2013), A Religion of the Future: Multiplicity (2014). Meanwhile elsewhere in the galaxy, some aliens: diophel (2013), cuilco (2013), falarandru (1, 2) (2014), tabayd (1) (2014), thaugomur (1) (2014).

Other: An Alternative History (2011) (what happens in Europe if Henry V doesn’t die right then?)

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