No, that’s not my reaction to the Tory party’s race to crucify the most poor people before luncheon*. I’ve been ill. Nothing serious, but considerably unenjoyable nonetheless. I can now at least walk around and even use my eyes for things without spikes of nausea shivering/sweating and head pain; now I just have the hacking cough, the feeling that my nose and eyes are on fire and blocks of lead at the same time, and the continual need for industrial numbers of tissues. So considerable improvement!

Might be nice if I could go outside without freezing to the bone, though.

Well, anyway, that’s my quota of trivial self-pity done for the day.

When I’m feeling a bit better, by the way, I intend to read the second half of Kameron Hurley’s “God’s War”, review it, and maybe do another quick Pratchett, and post at least one essay on the Silmarillion. Not really been feeling like reading much at the moment, unfortunately.


*Sorry, I don’t mean to sound all partisan. And really, it’s not the policies I have a (big) problem with. I’m not right-wing, and I don’t like the Tory party, but sometimes they can sound like rational people who are able to have a rational debate. I generally think they’re wrong, but as long as they’re decent about it I can cope with that. But lately they’ve just been… disgusting. Vile. Nastier than they ever were as the nasty party. I’m just waiting for Josephs to leap back from the dead and reintroduce forced sterilisation for all comprehensive school students. And why do they (and by ‘they’ I’m now including their papers too) have to bring the “sordid sex lives” of poor people into it? The man is contemptible because he killed six of his own children and in general appears to have been a right tosser in many regards – not because he had a live-in mistress or because he and his wife has threesomes with other men. [They should be careful. Start going back to demonising those with ‘vile lifestyles’, and they’ll get their party mired in sleaze again, because it’s not like Tory MPs have the greatest reputation in the world for sexual puritanism.] You can make a dispassionate (though mostly wrong) argument about the necessity for further austerity or for getting people back to work with a great big whip… but you don’t have to come across like a manipulative, hypocritical, cold-hearted slimy little tosser in the process.

Sidebar: the total number of families in the UK with more than ten children and claiming some amount of unemployment benefit? Apparently around 130. Cost to the taxpayer under the new rules? That’s… wait a sec… forgive my maths if I’m wrong… but calculating very approximately… isn’t 130 families of ten people each all on benefits approximately the same cost to the State as… about forty Tory cabinet ministers? Just going by their salary, ignoring security budget, subsidised food and drink, free housing and all that? Now I’m not some woolly-minded radical who’s going to suggest just abolishing the cabinet or making them all eat locusts or anything, but I think it helps to get a sense of perspective by comparing the relative sizes of things sometimes.

…And while we’re at it, how damn incompetent are these people when it comes to PR, anyway? Now, I’m not a fan of PR. I prefer honesty from politicians (and from businesses) and I think people would respond well to more of it. But sometimes, you just look at how badly people in power handle really simple perception issues and wonder how they’re able to tie their shoelaces together, let alone run the country. Here’s a tip: if your government is going to announce a tax on bedrooms because some people have some spare rooms they’re not using right this moment and that’s unfair on other people… don’t have it announced by the guy who lives in a £200m mansion on his family estate where he’s known to have at least four bedrooms going completely unused. Or another: if you’re going to make your big thing about how some people defraud the state by claiming benefits they’re not entitled to, like pretending to be disabled or something, how about your able-bodied minister and his able-bodied protection detail don’t make the announcement while sitting around laughing on camera while parked in a clearly-marked disabled parking bay in an empty carpark! And don’t then let him say he wasn’t near the car himself when half the workers at the place have taken pictures of him in the car with their mobile phones! He’s not the scarlett pimpernel, he’s the chancellor of the exchequer, he should probably assume that now and then people might notice him!? [Either that or he hasn’t caught up to the invention of the camera, yet.]

How difficult are these things to keep clear? What sort of brainless, thoughtless buffoon, would… oh, I see. The sort who’re running the country. The sort of Tory MP, the sort of Tory MP, who can actually make grown, sane, non-hallucinating drug-free consenting adults look at Boris Bloody Johnson and see him as the more reliable and dependable alternative….

Seriously, these days, since the last few years of Blair really, politics in this country has been less a clash of ideas or a strategical conflict and more a waiting game to see which set of baggy-trousered drunken circus clowns can fall into the most blacmange the fastest. It’s like watching a tennis tournament where every game is a bye and it ends up being won by the one one-legged whiff-whaff-playing street begger who actually turned up…



….aaaaaanyway, that’s my quota of nation-pity for the day too. Sorry about the tangent, but it least it made ME feel a little better…