Terry Pratchett

In the few years I’ve been keeping this blog, Terry Pratchett is by far the author I’ve read the most books by. Part of this is my decision last year to read through his entire Discworld series in publication order (some of these books I’ve only read once, a few I’ve not read at all, and many I’ve not read for ten years or more). But part of it also is that he’s just a wonderful and prolific author, who can deliver rewarding books that are at the same time accessible and enjoyable.

So rather than leave all the reviews scattered over at my book review index, I thought it would make sense to put them all in one place, here. Well, sort of.

For now at least, to see my Discworld reviews I suggest you go over to my re-read project index. Maybe once I’ve done with that I’ll merge it into this page, but for now there’s no point duplicating the content (or breaking people’s links), so I’m keeping it over there.

Only You Can Save Mankind
Johnny And The Dead
Johnny And The Bomb

The Carpet People

(I’ve also read the Bromeliad Trilogy and Strata, but I don’t have any reviews up of them).

Why we care that Terry Pratchett has died (10 reasons) – my eulogy/analysis.

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